Interior Refinishing

Control Panel Completion

Exterior Refinishing

Completed Restoration

How much restoration went into this project?

†††††††††††† Restoration of the aircraft began with removal of, but not limited to, all flight controls, control push rods, propellers, engines, cabin windows, cockpit windshields, interior, soundproofing, instrument panels, panel shock mounts, circuit breaker panels, avionics equipment, wiring, landing gear assemblies, landing gear doors, fluid carrying airframe and engine hoses, wheel and brake assemblies, brake master cylinders, floor panels, heater assembly, entry steps, cabin door, and emergency hatch.

†††††††††††† All airframe and engine bay areas have been inspected, cleaned, detailed and painted with epoxy and polyurethane coatings. New landing gear assemblies were installed with new hydraulic lines. New Cleveland wheels and brakes installed.† All engine cylinder assemblies have been overhauled. All current service bulletins and airworthiness directives have been complied with on the engines and airframe. The magnetos, vacuum pumps and starter adapters were replaced. Exhaust risers have been replaced, new tailpipes were installed. Engine baffles have been replaced with new silicone seal material. Engines were installed with new motor mounts, hoses and associated hardware. All engine controls were replaced with new Teleflex cables. The alternators have been overhauled and new voltage regulators and overvoltage protectors installed with new connectors and wiring. The propellers have been overhauled and installed with new spinners and bulkheads. Propellers have been dynamically balanced on the aircraft. A new Keith air conditioning system has been installed with dual zone evaporators.

†††††††††††† The avionics equipment has been upgraded to include: Bendix FCS-870 Automatic flight control system w/ flight director, dual Garmin 430ís, GMX-200 with traffic display and XM weather, Garmin 330 transponder, Garmin audio selector panel, annunciator panel, Shadin Fuel computer with rs-232 output, new engine gage units. The equipment has been fitted in all new laser cut, bezel lit, instrument panels that have been engraved and powder coated. All new flight instruments have been installed. The aircraft has been stripped and painted with new 3 color design. It is overall white with red and blue trim. The Interior colors and design have not yet been determined and can be finished per customers specifications.